About Crofft

Crofft delivers spectacular results by increasing both crop yields and quality. This is achieved by encouraging flower differentiation while minimising non-productive leaf and stem growth. It drives root growth and stimulates root efficiency by using the extensively described benefits of fulvic organic compounds cross linked with essential micronutrients. This maximises the exchange of Zinc, Calcium, Boron and Manganese ions and improves nitrogen assimilation. Increasing cation exchange capacity (CEC) ensures these ions move easily between the soil and the soil solution increasing soil fertility and nutrient retention.

Crofft facilitates the development of a healthy soil environment around the plant, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacterial and fungal populations. Crofft makes essential trace minerals that are deficient in many soils, immediately available and readily absorbed into the plant. The complex molecular systems in Crofft redirect nitrogen assimilation from non-productive leaf and stem growth into fruit and oil production thereby creating an efficient plant structure.

How Crofft works