I am a large scale commercial farmer in Serenji in Zambia. I have been farming for many years growing many different crops. Last year I was made aware of a new product available in Zambia from Australia. I tried it on wheat
last year and was convinced that the reason I got any crop was as a result of my application of Crofft. As a result this year I applied Crofft to my entire Soya crop. Once again I am convinced that the reason that I got such a fantastic yield was because Crofft. I got my best yield ever on Soya Beans at 6100kgs per hectare. If you don’t use Crofft to help increase your yields on Soya or wheat you are missing an opportunity to make a better profit.
Wickus Viljoen – Billis Farming
 Increased yields on both Wheat and Soya Beans
 Largest yields ever.