My name is Gilly Gilwald and I manage part of Chartonel Estates which is outside of Lusaka Zambia growing maize, soya and wheat. I agreed to apply the product on a portion of my wheat crop to check on the yield claims and as a way to reduce lodging as our usual anti-lodging product was unavailable.

After applying Crofft we did not see any major difference between the Crofft treated plants and the control. The one definite difference we saw was in the root ball, treated plants had much better roots.


Only at harvest was the difference in the Crofft treated versus untreated plants seen, we had no lodging which is a problem for us but the yield increase was massive, untreated plots yielded about 8.9 tonnes a hectare and the Crofft treated areas yielded up to 10 tonnes per hectare. In one field Crofft treated areas were heading up towards 14 tonnes per hectare.

We will be using Crofft again and we will be putting it onto soya and maize too.