I have 9 hectares in Mumbwa, in central province of Zambia and used Crofft on my maize for the first time in the 2013/2014 season. I planted Pioneer V53 in November 2013 and harvested my fields in June 2014. I do not have irrigation and was lucky that the season was not too bad with rain although it did end earlier than usual and so the fertiliser application was irregular. Despite this Crofft helped me to get a bigger crop than ever before, 4300kgs (86 x 50kgs) and the roots were better than before so we had no lodging. I got nearly double the amount of maize than before. Crofft works and I will use it every time I can.

Panji Musonda
+260 978 894 453
 Crofft works on dry land maize
 Better roots
 No lodging