Safety and Storage

Safety Directions

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water after use and before eating and drinking.

First Aid

Contact a medical practitioner or Poisons Information Centre if poisoning occurs.


Additional information is listed in the material safety data sheet (MSDS). A material safety data sheet for Crofft® is available from Biosynergy Fertilisers on request. Call Customer Service on +61 8 9381 6366 or download here.

Storage and Disposal

Store in a cool, dark, dry and well-ventilated area in the original container. Pressure rinse or triple rinse the containers before disposing of them. 

Add the rinsings from the container to the spray tank. If recycling is possible, replace cap and return rinsed containers to recycler or designated collection point. 

Do NOT dispose of undiluted chemicals on site. If recycling is not possible, containers should be broken, punctured or crushed and buried in a local authority landfill. If there is no landfill available, the containers should be buried below 500 mm in a disposal pit marked and set up for this purpose away from desirable crops, plants and trees. 

Ensure that the pit used for burial of the containers is away from waterways. Empty containers and product should not be burnt.